Orire Agbaje ‘s story Experience at IBadan model UN(IBMUN


Written by: Mervat Gaballah

My experience at the Ibadan model United Nations (IBMUN)
I enrolled for the IBMUN without prior knowledge of it, I’ve had people talk about their experience so I just wanted to have my own story told. I was given the SOCHUM – social, cultural and humanitarian committee- and I was representing Nigeria. The topic wasbeing- a global crisis in the wake of humanitarian crises; yemen and rohingya as case study, reading through and researching it’s disheartening to figure out people are suffering. we were asked to write our position papers – I just wrote what I thought was necessary feeling scared that this step was a wrong one.
During the training and introduction session, I just kept a low profile so I won’t be noticed or looked out for. Finally, the day came unfortunately I had an important event to attend that day but I made out time to attend the event to gain the knowledge it’s offering and hear other delegate’s take on the issue.
I was a delegate of Nigeria, each time I spoke I was always afraid and made so many mistake. The second day it became fun, as we joined blocs and made resolution. The Bloc I belong is the – sustainable coalition- and there I met my IBMUN friends – shalom and mervet. Our resolution covered a lot of areas beneficial to member state , but it was not passed due to low vote count. The last day of the conference was also fun due to the voting process and the message passed by the keynote speakers.
I would love to say thank you to the entire team that pulled this event to a successful end, and the dias of my committee – SOCHUM, they were understanding and explained in clear terms even though they were strict atimes. I would to attend another MUN conference, maybe I will be able to express myself.

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