Egypt is a country of magic and beauty

Wrote: Mohammed Abdullah
Egypt has a history and civilization 7000 years Egypt is the most secure countries Its people hospitable and kind-hearted people, It’s great for you to visit Egypt charming tourist cities.
Describe to you today the most beautiful image of charming tourist cities in Egypt .
South Sinai since early Christian times one of the most Christian monks attractions , these monks have established many monasteries and churches in the valleys of the Sinai months that is left Mount Sinai monastery known as the Monastery of St. Catherine .
Build a monastery -like medieval fortresses , and AL -built granite stones and has towers at the corners and height walls between 12 and 15 meters .. The lengths of the ribs 117 * 80 * 77 * approximately 76 meters.
Saint Catherine of one of of the monks saw in a dream that they were transferred to this place Vtm the transfer of the remains to build on it and called her name on the monastery and the whole region. the monastery is surrounded by many buildings Intersecting paths and corridors, and highly towers at the corners
the most important buildings: the main church, the Church of the bush, and the mosque, library as well as monks and Kelaiah Illsontin mill and grain stores and supplies and water wells.
St. Cathrine town is a town of a distinguished type of privacy.It is the highest of the inhabited area in Sinai. It is located at the top of a plateau that rises to 1600m above the sea level, and it is surrounded by a series of the highest mountains not only in Sinai but in Egypt as a whole.
The highest of them are tops of Catherine,Moses and AL- Safsafa mountains.Such a unique height provided the location with a special type of climate. It is moderate in summer and very cold in winter which gives her a certain beauty when ice covers the mountain tops.The area was announced a nature reserve.
Historically speaking St.Cathrine is of great importantance and historic dimension. This added to its religious importance when the monastery known by the name of St.Cathrine Monastery was built in the 16th century. It still remains as the greatest of the Christian monuments in Egypt and the world.
As it is distinguished in location, climate, history and geography, this reflected on its present as it is now considered a touristic location of special type as well as an agrigolaral area due to its underground water in the wells.
St. Catharine town is located at the heartland of south Sinai at a distance of 300 km from Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. Its area is about 5130km2 and it is renowned of its varied forms of tourism;religious,safari and mountaineering. St. Catharine teems with religious relics: the monastery,Moses mountain and prophet Haroun shrine. This is besides,several touristic projects,and it is considered the biggest protectorate area in Egypt.

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