Us ambassador from Luxor: Egyptian Tourism task. And Egypt will continue to secure

follow-up, Fathi Tantawi

emphasized Steven , US ambassador in Cairo, that Egypt is safe, confirming that the Egyptian tourism is very important to provide opportunities for work.

He added the ambassador – during inspecting a number of projects in Luxor, accompanied by the Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Nasr charm, that the U.S. mission in support of the foreign cash reserve of Egypt, expressing hope to restore the Egyptian state tourist status as soon as possible.

He said that the tourists prefer Egyptian cities in particular: Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, unlike many areas in the Red Sea, confirming that his country supports a number of development projects in the forefront of the restoration project against mount the shift lever Abu Al-Naga in Luxor.

He indicated that his country actively the restoration of tourism region and lifting rubble monuments demolished houses, to exploit them as a tourist destination, including the growth of the Egyptian economy, indicating that the Egyptian heritage is not important Egypt alone but is also important for the whole world.

That comes within the framework of the visit of the Minister Dr. Nasr charm to the Luxor governorate, accompanied by Ambassador David Thorne – senior advisor to the US Secretary of State, Ambassador Stephen Beecroft, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Cairo, sherry Carlin – The director of the US Agency for International Development in Cairo.

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